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Information and Guidance on Exeter Canal and Quay Trust’s Grants Scheme

Exeter Canal and Quay Trust (ECQT) was established as a registered charity in 1981 with the main aim of preserving the land, buildings and features of historical or architectural interest in or around the Exeter Canal and Quay Basin.

ECQT currently operates under these five charitable Aims and Objects:

  1. The preservation of land and buildings and other features of beauty or historical or architectural interest in or around the Exeter Canal and Quay Basin ("the Area");
  2. The promotion and encouragement of high standards of architecture, building and town planning and the promotion of civic pride in the Area;
  3. The promotion and support of musical, artistic, educational and other cultural activities within the Area and how these contribute to overall public benefit particularly in terms of health, wellbeing and enjoyment;
  4. The promotion and support of community participation in any form of healthy recreation, including waterborne sports, in the Area; and
  5. The education of the public about the historic trade passing through Exeter Canal and Quay and the preservation and conservation of buildings of historic interest connected with that trade, whether or not within the Area.

In furtherance of its objectives, ECQT operates a grants scheme to support activities and projects which meet one or more of these Aims and Objects.

Applications Process

Applications must be submitted on ECQT’s application form which can be downloaded at the following : Project Grant Application Form OCT 2018-1

Paper copies of the application form are also available from Howard Bassett at Exeter City Council, the Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 1JN.  Contact 01392 265107 : Email :

Applications should be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • a constitution or set of rules for the organisation;
    a copy of the most recent audited accounts and annual report approved by the management committee and signed and dated by the Chair or Treasurer;
    • confirmation of the organisation’s insurance cover
    • where relevant, at least three quotations for works to be undertaken.

Application Timetable


ECQT will consider decisions on applications at quarterly trustees meetings each year.  Only in exceptional circumstances will an application be considered outside of these meetings.

The relevant meeting dates for 2022 are as follows:

Trustees Meeting: 7th March 2022

Deadline for receipt of applications: 12 noon on 14th February 2022

Trustees Meeting: 4th July 2022

Deadline for receipt of applications: 12 noon on 13th June 2022

Trustees Meeting: 12th September 2022

Deadline for receipt of applications: 12 noon on 15th August 2022

Trustees Meeting: 5th December 2022

Deadline for receipt of applications: 12 noon on 14th November 2022

Guidance for Applicants

  1. Applications may be submitted by charities and other non-profit organisations. Applications from individuals and for-profit groups and businesses will not be considered.
  2. Applications should clearly demonstrate how they

(i) relate to ECQT’s Aims and Objects.

(ii) relate to the Exeter Canal and Quay Basin (“the Area” as set out in ECQT’s Aims and Objects). Applications that have their main focus of activity outside this area will not be supported unless they relate to ECQT’s fifth Aim and Object.

(iii) where appropriate, complement existing projects supported by ECQT as set out on and


  1. Grants will normally be made to support one-off projects or time-limited activities (for both capital and revenue expenditure). Grants are not intended to cover an organisation’s running costs or ongoing expenditure such as routine maintenance work.


  1. Applications can be made for grants of up to a standard maximum of £10,000. If an organisation wishes to apply for a larger grant, it must undertake pre-application discussion with ECQT. Any application for over £10,000 that has not been subject to such a discussion will not be considered by ECQT.


  1. In determining applications, ECQT will take value for money into consideration. This means that applications should be supported, where possible, by some match funding from other sources. If for any reason that does not prove possible, organisations must explain clearly in their application the reasons why.


  1. An offer of grant from ECQT will be subject to a range of conditions which the applicant must agree to accept before any grant money can be paid. Conditions are likely to include:

- providing post-project evaluation to ECQT in an agreed format

- acknowledging ECQT’s support in appropriate publicity and online coverage.

- submitting, if requested, further documentation such as a risk assessment or an event management plan.

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