The Trust & Trustees

Exeter Canal and Quay Trust Ltd. is a Limited Company and registered Charity established in 1981 with the following aims and objectives:-

  • The preservation of land, buildings and other features of beauty or historical or architectural interest in or around the Exeter Canal and Quay Basin (“the Area”);
  • The promotion and encouragement of high standards of architecture, building and town planning and promotion of civic pride in the Area;
  • The promotion and support of musical, artistic, educational and other cultural activities in the Area and how these contribute to overall public benefit particularly in terms of health, wellbeing and enjoyment;
  • The promotion and support of community participation in any form of healthy recreation, including waterborne sports, in the Area; and
  • The education of the public about the historic trade passing through Exeter Canal and Quay and the preservation and conservation of buildings of historic interest connected with that trade, whether or not within the Area.

It was set up to unite all those concerned about the preservation of the Exeter Ship Canal, the Quay and the then Maritime Museum. The Museum occupied Maclaines Warehouse and 60 Haven Road, as well as some of the cellars on the Quayside. Following the closure of the Museum in 1997, the Trust has been largely engaged in property management of renovated buildings.

The Trust comprises twelve Trustees and is run by an Executive Committee which meets four times a year in the Custom House to receive and review reports on property matters and the financial status. Four of the trustees are appointed by the Executive Committee and the remainder are appointed by Exeter City Council. The twelve Trustees are:-

  • Alan Williamson (Chair)-  Independent (retiring 2024)
  • Jonathan Bell – Independent
  • Christina Wyse – Independent
  • Roger Johnson – Independent
  • Phil Bialyk – ECC
  • Tony Wardle -ECC
  • Matthew Williams – ECC
  • Ann Jobson – ECC
  • Martyn Snow – ECC
  • Tessa Read – ECC
  • Ruth Williams – ECC
  • Laura Wright - ECC

Representatives of the Quay Traders Association and the Exeter River and Canal Users Group and Port Users Group are also invited to attend meetings.

The day-to-day property management operation is undertaken by the Estates section of Exeter City Council on the basis of a contract with the company, for which a management charge is made. Other day-to-day financial and administrative duties are undertaken by officers of Exeter City Council, who report to the chair of the trustees and hence to the Executive Committee.