Quayside Easy Brew

Quay Side Easy Brew, Mace On The Quay, The Quay, Exeter EX2 4AB

Located on the Historic Quay Side in Exeter, it’s a family owned business which started as a Home Wine & Beer Centre in 1991.

It has continued to expand throughout the years and has an extensive Own Vehicle delivery service operating in the South West of England.

For a number of years it also operated its own Winery producing several thousand litres, this experience enables us to give reliable advice on most aspects of alcohol production at home.

The Quay Side provides a fascinating mix of historic and contemporary design. It is the ideal place to browse in antique shops, walk and cycle, take a relaxing boat trip or find something good to eat.

So if you’re in the area why not visit our shop located inside the Mace shop on Exeter Quay.
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